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Learn how to treat your mental health issues.


The DSM-5. What is it and why is it important?

An overview of the development of the DSM over the years. With a glance at the most recent DSM-5 criteria.


How common is anxiety really? (2024)

How common is anxiety globally? What are the main symptoms and how can you treat it? Learn more.
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(Guo et al., 2022).
Multimodal Educational Data Fusion for Students’ Mental Health Detection

A framework named CASTLE was proposed for detecting mental health issues in university students. It integrates data on social life, academic performance, and physical appearance to proactively identify mental health problems (Guo et al., 2022).

(Kar, Shankar & Singh, 2022).
Mental health problems among mental health professionals: A neglected issue

The stressful nature of their work often leads to mental health issues among healthcare professionals, including psychiatrists. This review highlights these challenges and suggests remedial measures (Kar, Shankar & Singh, 2022).

(Anto, Asif ET al., 2024)
Exploring the facilitators and barriers to addressing social media's impact on anxiety within primary care: a qualitative study

This study is the first to use empirical research to inform how primary care can adapt to address social media’s impact on anxiety within young adults.